Where to shhot on a bear?

Where To Shoot A Bear With A Bow?

Hunting the black bear is really a big challenge especially when you are in the big bear species.

If you are a recurve bow user and hopeful for the first bear hunt then this is all that you need to consider with placements on any big or small bear. Besides the helpful guidance, you will also know the best broadheads used for harvesting the bear.

Bear Hunting Shot Placements (Vital Locations & Other Parameter)

Hunting the bear species is uniquely different and its main reason is its dark color. Many hunters try to harvest the organs in the same way as the deer whitetail but there is a need to consider that the vital location is imperatively different and worse off.

Many hunters use the near legs and shoulders as the reference point which is their first big fault. Settling then chest pain goes worse from the region of heart and lungs and the bear loses low blood trails that are not good.

Below given images openly share the locations of vital organs that are also important to know before.    

Bear VS Deer Hunting

The horrible bear shot doesn’t affect the bear’s vital organs because they are positioned more toward the center of their body. Lungs are positioned farther back then the heart and the shoulder blades.

There are several things that you would consider before bear hunting.

  • Bears look very deceptive due to the thicker layers of fat and fur. The fur especially shows the animal fatter.
  • Unfortunately, hunters made less lethal shots in the past due to the thicker layer of fat on the belly and skin.
  • Due to false hits, there come lower blood trails and bears can cover unexpected distances that is another hassle.

Hunters overcome the issue about the penetration and thick fur after sharpening the broadheads. Here you need to buy a broadhead with the wide blades so that it may shake the organs well and also can create big holes.

Quick Vital Shot – Quartering Away (Bowhunters)

Wait for the perfect shooting angle! One thing that you will keep in mind, always allow the bear (object) to stand stable so that it may create a comfortable shot for us.

The philosophy of hunting the deer is entirely different than the bear that is a special thing to consider for the deer hunters.

Vital Location

A bear’s vital organs are slightly back then the whitetail with the 2 inches. The lungs are extended more back then the bear heart. The deer’s heart is straight up from the leg and you need to make that imaginary line.

Just leave the 2 inches more for approaching the heart of the bear. The given image gives the perfect reference point on which you have to shoot. Since the heart is not as big, so, you need to practice a lot using the bear 3D archery for the perfect approach.

Actually, the bear has thick 6 to 7 inches fat and muscle layers from the belly line.

After the heart placements, you can consider the lungs as the object if you want. There is a need to sharp and tune the broadhead properly for harvesting both lungs.

Furthermore, also apply the term “aim the middle of the middle” while hunting the bear especially considering the lung’s objects.

Smart Vital Shot – Quartering Away (Rifle-hunter)

The philosophy of hunting the bear with a rifle is the same as using the fastest crossbows. One thing that I personally loved while harvesting the bear using the rifle is its perfect accuracy and long-range illuminated scopes.

Vital Locations

If you are using the rifle for hunting the bear, you overcome many problems that the hunters often face while hunting with recurve bows. The bullets can easily withstand the thick layer of fat that is a pretty good thing for the clean hunt.

Leave 2 inches farther from the legs for approaching the heart up. If you shoot the center of the belly it will shake the backside of lugs which is actually not good. So always consider the mid and it’s mid toward the chest for the perfect hunting.

Bear Hunting

Best Broadheads for Hunting the Bear

For bowhunters, broadhead is the first important thing to harvest the organs in any animal. In reality, bears have thick layers of fur on their skin which is the reason why hunters couldn’t make lethal shots in the past.

The priority always placed by the professional hunters, sharp the broadheads and keep maximum arrows with the attached bits. Using the deer hunting broadhead the same for harvesting the great stupid thing.

Many hunters stated wider cutting but fixed broadheads for the maximum penetration and big cutting diameter on the bear. We have listed the 5 best broadheads more appropriate to use on the tough fur.

Best Broadheads for Hunting Bear

We have listed the most appropriate broadheads for hunting bear. All the broadheads are tested many times by the RC team before listing.  


If you are keen on hunting the animals and it’s your first experience for a bear then you should keep a few things that are given above. It is all that you need to consider about the placements on bear and broadheads.  

We have done today’s job very well !!! if you are interested in hunting or archery shooting and also want to upgrade the crossbow accessory then visit the page.

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